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Mammoth's blog is an attempt to bring back to new generations informations about the old prog rock style, usually called art rock, talking about bands, music, history, definitions, sub-genres and presenting our own new music to this public.

A new band on progressive rock style

release - 2011/2012

Blue Mammoth new group releases
the first album in august 2011, a work bounded by no traditional definition. Its sound is a blend of classic hard rock, prog music and symphonic features.

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"Unlike other contemporary progressive rock bands, Blue Mammoth goes through an old school hard rock with a very modern approach, which gives them an unique sound"

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Growing - Blue Mammoth

King of Power
Blue Mammoth

Resurrection Day
Blue Mammoth
Who We are
Blue Mammoth

Live compilation
Blue Mammoth

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Is there a good definition of progressive rock?

Is there a good definition of progressive rock?

Blue Mammoth band is releasing its first CD in august 2011. A style name is normally a way to give a previous idea about a new group's sounds for curious public. Nevertheless, most of time saying that we are a progressive rock band has brought more doubts than certainties, more shadows than light. On the one hand, progressive became a so embracing denomination that no wonder this happen. On the other hand, "progressive rock" turned into a style for such a specific public that most people simply don't know what this denomination is about.

Also called or related to the art rock term, the style appeared in the early 70's. It was a rare "chance" for musicians and bands to exercise a free artistic imagination and still be in the market and make a living from music. At least at that time, there was a public that has made this possible. Does this public still exist? We believe yes. Or perhaps, it could exist. The development of industry methods has restricted the art explicitly available to some simpler styles. It's cheaper, easier and less risky. We are not against any style. But the art of music can give more than that! And the new generations deserve a chance to know that! We meet many young people who have never heard anything about this amazing style, or have a vague idea about it. And plenty of them got surprised and amazed about an imense universe they were apart. We bring here a little bit of progressive rock bands, genres and history; and the hope that the journey hasn't finished yet!

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Prog rock history

BBC documentary - an Observation in Three Movements